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What a Wonderful Day! :) - Your Mom was great last night!!!

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August 17th, 2009

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10:55 pm - What a Wonderful Day! :)
It didn't start off too well though. I went to the doctors and get a shot to test me for tuberculosis :-/ Buuuuuuuut it's free! So I don't need to pay to get it done at Kroger now! Hooraaaaaaay

My car is FINALLY going to be done, and I got a lot sorted out with payment for ABA. That will be nice, once I get some regular cash flow in!!

Then I had a session with one of the kids. I was really nervous going into it after the lengthy warnings I received from everyone about what hell it was going to be at first. Then, he came walking into the door sobbing, and I could feel the dread of what a terrible day it was going to be! But it turned out really well! He was focused and attentive, compliant, happy-go-lucky. He was making all kinds of great decisions, so I let him have a little more flexibility. He was just so wonderful--it was the best session I've seen him have to date! Period.

Afterwards I asked him to hug me goodbye, and he wanted to KISS me also !!! I offered him my cheek, latino style, which wasn't awkward at all for the obvious reasons. I was just so blown away by that!! He was in SUCH a great mood, and I totally didn't (and still don't!) understand why. I hope it continues, which would be nice!! TOTALLY not expecting it to be that way every time, though.

Next I came home and had a beautiful evening with my husband. We watched several episodes of his favorite spy tv show, which I just absolutely love too! That got us excited for some passionate love-making, boy let me tell you what!!! All in all, a wonderful day so far! :) Now I'm just waiting for him to come home from the gym and the grocery store, sipping on my cocktail at 11 o'clock on a Monday night.

I think--and I'm quite sure if this is because I'm convincing myself that it's the reason or if it actually is--that I'm having such a great day today because of meditation yesterday. Excercising one's spirit is every bit as vital as excercising one's body or one's mind, and for me meditation is to the soul what kickboxing and french are to the body and mind, respectively. Hopefully I can get a chance to do that more often, because it really helps me feel better about myself and my life around me in general. It probably helped, though, that the rest of the day yesterday was pretty awesome also. I got a new phone for relatively cheap, a FREE cup of delicious coffee from Lindsey accompanied by some excellent companionship and even better conversation, followed by a FREE dinner meal that consisted of Steak, macaroni&cheese, corn on the cob, fruit salad, regular salad, my hummus/tzatziki/pita bread, and ice cream in addition to the lovely time had with each and every one of my invaluable family members.

It was kind of sad to realize this, but at one point the realization hit me how much the dynamics of our gatherings have changed since Grandpa's passing. Before, he tended to dominate conversation, and it was very sports-oriented according to his tastes. While I still do and will always continue to miss him dearly, a tiny part of me was pleasantly satisfied with the knowledge that his absence has opened the floor up for other personalities to take center stage, such as my own for example. I feel and felt last night like a very active, dynamic player in the conversation and general happenings of the family affair(s), which I feel glad for and grateful to my grandfather for leaving to me. All that I enjoy in life, whenever I start to feel teary-eyed that my grandpa couldn't be there to witness it (graduation, for example, and the wedding/my marriage and husband), I feel comforted by thinking how his spirit lives on, and he probably has more intimate knowledge of what's happening in my life, and know that he would be so proud, beaming in that way that I always remember him, to see what a succes my life has become and all the wonderful things I'm doing now.

MY time with the boys was wonderful as well. I had this terrible dream last night where, essentially, Sam got in this car and started driving it by the intersection of Hard and Sawmill right in front of the Max&Erma's restaurant. He tried to pull out into the road and became obviously scared, which caused him to redirect immediately back towards the parking lot. There Luke was and for the most heart-wretching moment of the dream I thought Sam was going to hit him with the car. Fortunately he veered off and ended up colliding more or less with a patch of grass just as I finally reached the scene. I rushed immediately into the car where Sam was huddled in a ball in the backseat, crying of course in fear from what had occurred. I comforted him as best I could before waking up with a jolt of lingering terror still clutcing my heart. But then I simply had to catch a glimpse of my husband, Manuel, sleeping peacefully in the other side of the bed to feel instantly relieved by the notion that it was only a dream, and that no such danger had actually befallen my precious little ones.

There are so many other tiny details I could include that have made this day and yesterday two of the most wonderful days of my life, but I prefer now to keep them in my brain for myself to enjoy and salivate over again and again.

:) Chao chao, for now!

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