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Your Mom was great last night!!!

until i discovered she had herpes...

8 January
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Chewy chewy cocoa pop, chewy chewy rii-ice!

...who is this?!?

who indeed...
aerosmith, andres segovia, aqua teen hunger force, bananas, barenaked ladies (band...), brutus the manatee, buddhism's pretty nice..., cheese blocks, cheetos are the shiznit!!, chef boyarde, cielito lindo, clubbing, colin mochrie, creative writing of nonfiction, dachshunds, dilbert, disgruntled elephants, drinking, eating babies, ecuadorrrr!!, em, euchre, eyeliner, family guy, farting, gangrenous legs, go bucks?, handcuff bracelets *kinky grin*, hotdogs, jim gaffagin!, juicy strawberries, kickboxing, la salsa, licking rusty kettles, lifesaver mints, los simpsons, men, mis chicos, money is helpful o:), moulin rouge, munchkins, music, my doggy, my friends, nothing at all, papas fritas, penis, philosophy, pinball, psychology, rap, reggaeton, rice, rock n roll, rock-climbing, salad fingers, sand in my vagina, snickers bars mm-mmmm!!, spanish, squirrels, sushi, the comics, the crew, the notebook, tigers, tuesdays with morrie, voluptuous hippo cages, wet biscuit mcglee (:-p), working out, wrinkles in time, your mom!!!, your pickle ;)